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About Rev. Jessica West

Rev. Jessica West

Caring Spiritual Counselor offers sincere spiritual counseling and advise revealing   the pure truth.
  Experience genuine personal growth, spiritual healing and happiness. Her name is Rev. Jessica West, she is the author of ...
  "Love Spells of Ancient Times" -    solution finding, Love spell book to help you on your life journey.
She was born into a family that held opposite religious beliefs -  each held different truths.
  Because of this and the hurt and turmoil it caused - She began to question truth.
  The wisdom and Love shared here is from over 30 years of in-depth searching
  for what our lives here on earth are really all about.
All true paths, regardless of   what religion, faith or belief you hold -
  will always bring you back to take a closer and more honest look at yourself   ...
  Because when you realize everything, absolutely everything, it is   showing you something about yourself ... 
  You Awaken. And when you can see this and understand it you can change everything   in your life for the better.
  Spiritual Growth
  What she can show you is how to have peace and how to find truth through feeling ...
  How to find relief in the life situations that challenge you most. How to have physical and mental wellness.
  How to understand and be aware of what you are creating in your life and why, so you can change it.
  What she offers is the missing pieces of the puzzle. An empowering, well defined   understanding of your life,
  taking you into a higher consciousness using an incredible self awareness of   divine unconditional Love.
  You will come to understand what you are manifesting from within and why ...
  and you will know how to change anything because of how you have been unknowingly
  using a law of the universe sometimes referred to as 'the law of attraction'   without the equation of Love.
  As a spiritual counselor and spiritual advisor, she can reveal clear enlightenment into any situation you are in  ...
  what remains is how to use the sensation of feeling and self awareness to experience   an amazing life.

 (This law of the universe I am referring to above has many names and has been placed all over the world
  so we wouldn't miss it. It is a statement of Truth and can be found in almost every religion and belief.
  Some other phrases it is known by are: Cause and effect. You reap what you sow. Like attracts to like.
  What you send out comes back to you. Every action has an equal reaction.   Karma)

True awakening and enlightenment became hers when she realized that
  "everything unfolding in her life was about her" - it was not about others or her circumstances.
And many of you, whether you have come to realize it or not, are seeking this same realization and self discovery.
  For when you truly come to understand yourself, happiness in every area   of life becomes yours.
  Why? Because you finally understand self sabotage and you know exactly what   to do to stop it.
Some day you will realize you are "Love Itself" and that Love is the only choice awaiting you.
  Some day you will realize that all you had to do in order to be happy was choose to Love.
  In that day you will know that any other choice for any reason is not in unity
  with Whom You Are and that is why you experience unhappiness.
  And that day you will truly understand all self sabotage.
  Our only dilemma becomes - how do we do that when life brings forth its challenges?
  She can help you see on a soul level in one session
  what you need to become aware of in the situation happening in your life at this time
  and she can show you how to make conscious changes so you can have a much better experience.
  We cannot see past the choices we do not understand.
  If we do not understand how we are sabotaging ourselves our lives will not change.
  You will discover for yourself that feeling can take you into the ultimate
  and that you need nothing but yourself to get there - all that remains is   practice and your awareness.
  The truth cannot be learned ... it can only be recognized.
  And once you recognize it, once you understand and become aware  - your life will never be the same.
  You will have the wisdom, the knowledge and the tools to experience true freedom
  and to change the way you feel ... no matter how rough the experience is that   you are challenged with.
The spiritual counseling and spiritual guidance you will receive from Rev. Jessica West with The   Natural Solution will not only show you how to understand your life and make unbelievable changes within yourself
  and the experiences you are having at this time ... it will help you   find and feel your sacredness.

 Personal Growth
  If you are looking for the truth - it is here for you.
  Emotions, long standing problems and issues that are not dealt with ...
  congest your mind, your heart, your body and your life.
  What area of your life aren't you happy with? Who or what upsets you?
  Are you experiencing mixed emotions, unbalanced emotional states
  or have you been refusing to deal with certain long standing problems?
  What life situations are most challenging for you or what is hardest for you to do?
  What do you think you need to release and why do you feel you need to release it?
  This is the most empowering and enlightening wisdom you can gift yourself with -
  for experiencing peace and happiness depends on you.

When God/Creator gave us the gift of free will - another gift came with it, the ability to create.
  And it is very important for you to come to understand your second gift because ...
  you are creating your very own life experiences according to what is going on inside you.
       This is why "change" always begins with you.

 The type of experiences you are having ... are happening so you can see something about yourself.
  You are calling specific situations to yourself  - physically, mentally   and emotionally.
  Whether it is in any of your relationships, lack of relationships, at your   job, in your lack of a job, within yourself, outside yourself, everywhere and   in every way -
  you are creating your life situations into existence.
  "What is most important is that you become aware of this." This is   Awakening.
   Enlightenment begins with self awareness for it the key in helping you   bring about
  the changes you desire.

 You can search the world for your answers but until you truly understand yourself ...
  the happiness, self-love, inner wisdom, peace and enlightenment you seek will   most likely evade you.
  Experience a powerful personal spiritual awakening. Connecting with your deepest knowing
  your true feelings and know for yourself how to make better choices for yourself.
  You can experience an incredible life and consciousness now. It is here for you.
  You can have the wisdom, the insight and the knowledge to improve your life situations.
  You can understand yourself on a deep level and use this knowing to make new decisions from now on.
  Rev. Jessica West is a sensitive intuitive, a spiritual advisor, counselor, mentor and an effective life coach.
  Rev. Jessica West will teach you the way to enlightenment by using your feelings along   with being consciously self aware.
  Questions end when you realize that what is unfolding in your life
  is because of the Law of Attraction and the level of Love you are   choosing.
  When you have a good solid base of this understanding ...
  you are able to experience a life filled with happiness and peace.
  When you feel the connection of what you know inside, life becomes simply beautiful and truly incredible.
  Experience a leap in consciousness, personal transformation, have answers and truly know yourself.
  Attain the way or method to create and experience your life   beautifully. 

The path you walk in this moment is the right one for you, what is lost is your knowing
  and understanding of how you, yourself are creating what happens in your life, be it good or bad.
  But once you have a good understanding and become consciously self aware,
  then you and you alone control your life -there is no outside force to blame or stop you from having your heart's desire.
  Does it happen instantly? She will not tell you it does. The path many of us are thirsting for ...
  is not found in the fast track to bliss that some have promised and failed to deliver.
  What she can assures you of is, as you sincerely come to understand yourself,
  the new found choices you make and the self awareness you gain in continually making better choices will have a profound change on the life you live now.
Many teach you about everything in life ...

  but here you will be taught about yourself and how to understand yourself on a deeper level.
  You will know why you are having certain life experiences and why your struggles are what they are.
  You will grow through conscious self awareness, receive a sincere   understanding of Love and attraction
  and you will learn about your feelings and self sabotage ...
  so you can change your life for the better.

 It is important for you to understand   why some things are working in your life and why other things are not.

  Change what you see as the troubled areas of your life.
  Experience being able to maintain feeling good even in the situations that   challenge you most.
   It is a very profound time of searching. So many of us are searching   the mind, the heart, the body and the soul.
  As questions arise you need the understanding, the answers and the tools to change what no longer serves you.
  You need to know how your choices affect your growth as an individual so you can experience what you desire.
  It is a hard time for many, some are struggling, some are lost, some are   going through too much.
  Life, Love, divinity, happiness, feeling good and experiencing joy should be   clear - not confusing.

When we open ourselves to the Love we have within and allow this Love to dance through us
We become the vessel that expresses true Love and we feel our beauty.
Experience having a wise heart and feel the joy of a child.
Learn how to be in the moment and how to trust in yourself enough to just Be.
Rev. Jessica West is an enlightened and Loving spiritual counselor, advisor, life   coach and mentor.
  She shares pure spiritual counseling from the heart - teaching a sincere way   to tap into
  the Unconditional Love in your heart to experience the kind of   happiness that makes life exceptional.
  Be the master of your life; connect with the Grandest Love of all right within you.
  Things do not have to be confusing any longer, no matter which area of your life you are questioning.
Many are confused about what   self-mastery is ...
  It isn't a magical place that you arrive at,it is a continuing on-going process.
  People that appear to have achieved self-mastery are involved in a lifelong discipline of staying aware ...
  aware of themselves, their short-comings, their repetitive patterns, their conditions, their behaviors,
  their areas needing growth and the multitude of mirrors being shown to them
  by everyone and everything in life -
  And it is because of this awareness that when they choose,
  when they decide, when they take action ... they come from a place of great Love.
  When we realize everything, absolutely everything,
  is showing us something about ourselves ... we awaken to how truly beautiful the journey is.
  Experience this heartfelt path into self awareness and what life can be.
  Recreate your life experience. 
  Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with me..

 Loving spiritual counselor/advisor comes to share the gift of enlightenment and the dance of Love.
  Offering true spiritual awakening and direction to a genuine Loving ascension of the self.
  Sharing a divine connection and awakening - a uniting of the heart and mind.
  Honoring all beliefs and ways.
  Experienced in multiple teaching and healing modalities ... Spiritual   Counseling in any area of life.
  Rev. Jessica West will help guide you through your present growth, moving from where you are now, into where you desire to be.

 Rev. Jessica West and The Angel of Light will help you understand how to experience your heart's desire in every way and in every area of life.
  Open to the Love That You Truly Are and experience the celebration of what life can truly be.

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